Professional Women and Women Entrepreneurs (POWER) is the FIRST Pennsylvania state South Asian and American women non-profit 501(c)(3) registered organization started in 2018 by Kalpana Mary Doppalapudi (Biography), resident of Mechanicsburg, PA. POWER creates an environment and platform for any and all South Asian and American women to come together and provide information, guidance, and opportunities in order to help achieve each other’s goals. Currently, many Asian and American women are not getting enough information to explore and get the proper insight about education, business, jobs, political and social opportunities. POWER is here to organize that support for the women and help individuals grow into self-driven educators and providers in the community.


– Information

  • Provide the right information about education, business, jobs, political and social environments.
  • Show the avenues and opportunities provided by the government through expert professional’s support and help.
  • Provide a communication channel to reach the right professionals and address their concerns.

– Guidance

  • Provide proper guidance based on their background, education, ethnicity, culture and behavior which may help them to take right decisions and lead towards the successful career and eventually become part of community success.
  • Connect the right professionals to solve the problems

– Recognition

  • Women are instrumental to grow their family values, participate in many activities in daily life including taking care of home, work, career and community works. They must be recognized for the values bringing and service they are offering to the community.

– Achieve

  • With the help of proper information, guidance and recognition, we can convert our self as a self-driven community to help fellow women to reach their goals. we as women community can achieve bigger goals and can be the key part of Nation success.